Haigh Report 17 June 2016

Tum Te Tum…

Tum te tum…

How are you, today? Having a good day? How’s the family? Have you booked a holiday this year? Going somewhere nice? Awful weather, isn’t it, for the time of year? Did you see that programme on the telly last night? Aren’t England/Wales/North Ireland/Ireland doing well/badly in the Euros (please delete accordingly)? Wasn’t it shocking what ********** (fill in name here) said about *********** (ditto)….

Yes. I’m looking forward to when the EU Referendum is over, too, so that we can all get back to talking about what we Brits love to talk about: the housing market!

Another National Treasure …

…or maybe not.

Last week I highlighted the late Cilla Black’s house that has been put up for sale.

This week, in the style of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, I’d like to present you with something completely different:

In 1986, Bill Heine had a shark delivered to his home in Headington, Oxford.

Now, when I say “delivered”, it was lifted by crane onto the roof of his house. And when I say “shark” it is actually a 25ft long fibreglass imitation (you’d probably already guessed that) which was designed to look like a great marine beast had somehow nose-dived through the roof of the modest terraced house.

Mr Heine said that it was a protest against nuclear weapons, and it was erected on the 41st anniversary of the atomic bomb being dropped on Nagasaki

A great furore ensued, with the local planning committee desperate to have it removed, but – after much wrangling – the then Secretary of State for the Enviroment (Michael Heseltine) decreed that it should stay.

And it’s still there nearly thirty years later.

And it could be yours to rent (the house, that is: the shark is an unavoidable extra) for £2,300 per month.

You can just imagine it, can’t you: “Oh yes, do come round for coffee to see our new home. It’s in New High Street, opposite … well, I think you’ll probably spot it”.