Great Advertising Tip For Plumbers…

…if you want to have a quiet life and never do another day’s work, that is…

  1. Plaster your van with your name and telephone number.
  2. Aggressively drive up very close behind someone who has stopped to let another road-user extract her car from a parking space.
  3. Beep your horn. The louder, the better.
  4. Follow said someone so closely that your van can actually sniff the car’s exhaust before it exits the tailpipe.

Yes, Mr B. I’m talking about you. Don’t expect any business from us. Or any of our clients. Or anyone else we know.

Oh, and maybe send your driving licence back to the DVLA with a covering letter stating that you’re probably a bit too angry to be safe behind the wheel of a van.

And another thing: did you notice, that just ahead of the incident that caused you to be so impatient, there was a queue of traffic which meant you didn’t actually lose any time at all.

No. I thought you hadn’t.<