Quickest Property Sale Ever…!?

An online property-advertising company is today claiming they have achieved the quickest sale ever, as they have sold a property in 24 hours!

This is, indeed, an impressive feat.

Valuation, listing, advertising, viewings, offers, negotiation, surveys, conveyancing, exchange of contracts and completion all within the space of a day … WOW!

Oh, but when you look at their claim again, you might notice that they haven’t actually “sold” the property at all.

No. What they have done is advertised the property on Rightmove, arranged some viewings, and the vendor has negotiated a deal with one of the five people who expressed an interest.

To be honest, I reckon any estate agent in this land who has been operating for more than six months has probably experienced at least one sale where the initial offers have started coming in very quickly after marketing begins.

Here’s a thought: if you had marketed the property thoroughly, had arranged more viewings and had invited all interested parties to submit their best and final offers, the vendors may well have found themselves tens of thousands of pounds better off.

That rather knocks your “you could save thousands by employing us rather than a traditional estate agent” argument out of the ground.

Here’s another thought: I wonder if your vendor might think about exercising their rights to a change of heart under Cooling-Off regulations, now that they have the name, address and telephone number of a potential buyer….<