Why Do Estate Agents Have A Poor Reputation?

Maybe it’s because of things like this…

What was the funniest* moment of my day?

One of our vendors came into the office carrying a hand-written letter that had been pushed through their door over the weekend.

Shock, horror! It was from another estate agent:

“Call me! I have a client who wants to buy your home!”

No hint of a warning that our client would end up with the liability of having to pay two estate agents’ fees.

Partly out of curiosity (our vendor had never heard of the estate agency before and wanted to know what it was all about) they DID call them, and apparently this is what he was told:

“Oh, yes, we have a buyer, from London, who wants to purchase your property. They’ve seen the photos on line and are very impressed…”

Then why, asked our vendor, don’t they just contact Haigh & Sons and ask for an appointment to view?

“Um.. er… They don’t like dealing with estate agents…!”

And that makes you what, exactly…?

* When I say “funniest”, I of course mean depressing, pathetic, sad… Oh, and likely to be troubling the Property Ombudsman fairly soon.<