Seven Reasons You Need To Interact With Us On Social Media

This is the post I have just placed on Facebook ( …

Seven reasons you need to interact with us on social media…

1. Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t know that we have a detached bungalow coming up for rent in Henleaze, just off the main road, near the shops, for just under £1000 pcm.

2. Because if you didn’t, you also wouldn’t know that, for an offer of around £350,000 (subject to contract etc), the owners of the aforementioned bungalow would consider selling it to you.

3. & 4. Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t know that we also have a three-bedroom house coming up in Westbury Park, close to the Downs, with off-street parking, for rent (c. £1400 pcm) or possibly for sale (£450,000-ish).

5. & 6. Because … well, similar to 3 & 4 if we’re honest, but a 2-bed house in Westbury Park without parking: £1100 pcm or £300,000.

7. Because “seven reasons” had more of a ring to it than “six”.

There is a serious point here, believe it or not.

This year, we intend to be using social media even more than we have before. And not just for chitty-chat, banter and nonsense (although, no doubt, there will be more than a fair share of those fine media), but also to let you know of news in the property industry, changes in the market, and … most importantly … to give you the heads-up on properties that we can’t advertise yet but which we know are definitely coming available.

So, if you want to keep one step ahead of everyone else (except us, as our messages would be a little predictable if you knew what we were going to say, obviously), can I please recommend you follow us on Twitter @HAIGHandSONS or Like our Facebook page Haigh & Sons, or catch up with us on Google+?

You won’t be disappointed. Well… even if you are a little disappointed, it won’t cost you anything, and you can always unfollow or unlike in a couple of months’ time…<