Deal Breaker

This is a true tale from a decade or so ago (except I’ve changed the names: they weren’t actually called Hubby & Wifey Young-Couple):

Me: “So, Mr and Mrs Young-Couple, we’ve had a good look around the house, what do you think? Just to recap: it was built in 1930’s and for the last 40 or 50 years has had very little done to it, other than routine maintenance, hence its low price. You need to budget for installing central heating (which will involve reconnecting the gas supply), rewiring, repairing or replacing most of the windows, having work done to the chimney flashings to eradicate the dampness in the bedrooms, then replacing the kitchen and bathroom fittings, redecorating throughout and re-carpeting. And don’t forget I mentioned that part of the kitchen is single-skin so that will require building work to regularise it, although with a garden this large I expect you’d be tempted to extend anyway, which would solve the problem.”

Hubby Y-C (looking enthusiastic): “I’m really excited! I know there’s a lot of work involved, but wow, what great potential! What do you think, Wifey?”

Wifey Y-C (looking worried): “Yeah, I get all that … but what worries me is there’s no dishwasher.”

Hubby Y-C (looking at me, horrified): “What? Really? Isn’t there?”

Me: “Er… No.”

Hubby Y-C: “Oh! What a shame! Oh, never mind, thanks for showing us round anyway.”<