A Surreal Chat with Tigger: one of my Highlights Of The Week

A number of weird and/or wonderful things have happened this week. These are my top three:

1. Helping an 85-year-old lady move from her house in Westbury on Trym into a retirement flat, almost exactly three years to the day after she first walked into our office and said “My children say I ought to move, but I don’t really want to”.

During this time. in which she has changed from a reluctant house-seller to someone very keen to move, she has become a good friend.

2. Advising clients to decline the first offer that was made for their late mother’s house, even though they would have been quite happy to accept, and then negotiating a deal with someone else in excess of the asking price.

And… 3. Most surreal moment of the week: parking my car outside a day nursery and suddenly finding myself in conversation with Tigger. “Hello, Mr Haigh”, Tigger said, “it’s World Book Day”. Meanwhile lots of little children, also dressed up as literary characters, ran around shouting “Hello, Man”.

It turns out the teacher concerned is the daughter of one of our clients.

I hope you’ve had a great week too.<