What Sort Of World Do We Live In?

So… I was standing in the queue for the #OneBasket queue at Waitrose Henleaze yesterday. It was my turn next and I was, I thought, suitably excited about buying the two items in my hands.
But not as keen as the chap behind me, it turns out. When one of the cashiers finished with the customer she was dealing with she seemed to be busy with bits of paper and empty shopping baskets, so I waited to be summoned.
“Are you next, or what?” I heard from someone behind me.
As soon as one of the other cashiers became available, I strode to her till.
Bloke behind me rushed past, slammed his basket down on the till of the lady who was obviously still not ready to receive another customer, and gave me his best Paddington Bear stare.
“Is there a problem?” I called across to him. He stared a bit more.
As soon as the 20 seconds or so for me to pay for my huge shopping expedition had passed, I walked over to him. He was still glowering.
“Just to explain, I waited because I wasn’t sure this lady was still…”
“LET ME GIVE YOU A PIECE OF ADVICE”, the charming middle-aged man said. “I’M HAVING A BAD DAY, SO JUST GO AWAY. F**K OFF.”
What sort of a World do we live in, eh?