Goodbye, April … You Won’t Be Missed!

It’s May 1st and I have to admit I’m very pleased about that.

April was a tad rub, if you get my drift. Or a wee bit rubbish, if you don’t. Sales that should have completed didn’t for reasons completely beyond our control (including one lovely chap who sadly passed away between exchange of contracts and completion – many condolences to his poor family).

Properties have continued to NOT come on the market at any rate of knots.

Contractors, normally so reliable, have not been doing the jobs we’ve been requesting as quickly as we would expect, leaving us with frustrated tenants and landlords.

And the weather’s been pretty grim, too.

It’s no wonder that at a recent Regional Meeting of the Guild of Professional Estate Agents, when the delegates were asked to rate their personal well-being, their views of current business, and their optimism of the market for the next year, all out of ten, everyone else in the room was listing 7’s, 8’s & 9’s, but I had to admit to a full house of 5’s.

And, even then, I lied. To be honest, a row of 1’s and 2’s would have been more accurate.

Oh well. All of that is sooo last month. Today, it’s the beginning of May.

Our auction of a derelict cottage in Hambrook is happening later this week, property sales are starting to come together (at last), we have some tenancies starting over the next week or so, and – at the moment – the sun is shining.

So I feel much more upbeat. And it has nothing to do with tomorrow being a Bank Holiday.