Why Oh Why Do It On A Friday?

Everybody seems to think that you need to complete the sale/purchase of a property on a Friday.

Well, maybe not everybody, but certainly Friday is the day of choice for many solicitors and estate agents.

And for buyers and sellers, there’s the appeal of moving, then having a whole weekend to get sorted.

If you’re in the Friday camp, here’s a little tale that might change your mind.

Today (Friday) the completion of a sale has not happened because, somewhere in the chain, a whole load of money has gone missing in the banking system.

And when I say “a whole load”, I mean hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Forget Fridays!

Now, these things happen sometimes with banks. And sure as eggs is eggs (whatever that means), the money will no doubt turn up on the next banking day.

That’s three days away.

And at least one family in the chain has had to book into a hotel for that time because all of their belongings have been removed from their current/former home!

If we had agreed to complete on Wednesday, for example, they would have had much less inconvenience and significantly less stress.

Completion DOES NOT have to happen on a Friday. And you don’t want it to.<