Lies, damned lies and statistics…

This is a polite note to the estate agent who yesterday told a potential client:

“You ought to instruct us to sell your home, because we get ALL the houses in the area you’re interested in…”

This morning, out of curiosity, and because I hadn’t realised that your world domination had started yet, I had a quick look at some statistics (for which I thank Rightmove):

Last 3 months: 8 houses for sale. You had two, we had two, four other agents had one each. Your share 25%, our share 25%.

Last 3 months: 3 houses for rent. You had none, we had one, two other agents had one each. Your share 0%, our share 33%.

Hang on, from what you told someone yesterday, that can’t be right: let me recalculate…

Your share of the overall sales & lettings market for that area over the last three months… 18.2%.

Admittedly, at 27.3%, we can’t exactly claim to have the area completely stitched up…


Oh, and I checked: this pattern was fairly consistent throughout the last 12 months (if anything, our rental statistics were more impressive, whereas I think yours might have still been, er, zero).<