OnTheMarket or Zoopla. Who’s Winning The Battle?

Having made the decision to stick with Zoopla and Primleocation, rather than sign up with new kid on the block OnTheMarket, I am obviously taking a keen interest in whether or not it was the right path to follow.

So, tonight I decided to pretend to be a homehunter.

If I searched online, what properties could I find in the Bristol area, and which site offers the greatest choice (ie which website am I most likely to return to, again and again)?

I decided that, for my experiment, I wanted to buy a property within a ten-mile radius of the beautiful Bristol Hippodrome. Beyond that, I stipulated nothing. Except that I did not want to be offered anything that was already under offer/sale agreed/sold subject to contract/etc.

So. Who is winning? Established website Zoopla, who have long been increasing their challenge against the virtual monopoly that leviathan Rightmove has, or OnTheMarket who would dearly love to make such a challenge?

OnTheMarket – Properties Available (10 mile radius of BS1 4UZ) – 851

Zoopla – Properties Available (10 mile radius of BS1 4UZ) – 1,809

That would be Zoopla, then. More than double the number of properties. Definitely the website of choice for the serious homehunter.

Oh. But hang on. Let’s not forget the website they are both trying to challenge: Rightmove. How many properties do they have?

Well, Rightmove has a limit to the number of results they will show. 1,000 properties. But if you search in price bands, and add them together, you can get an approximate idea of the total. I did just that. And was a bit surprised by the result:

Rightmove – Properties Available (10 mile radius of BS1 4UZ) – 3,066

Hmm. Seems that Rightmove have an even greater monopoly than they had before OnTheMarket came along.

Well done, Mr Springett. If you were a Rightmove shareholder, you’d be very pleased.