I Want That House! How Much???

I wonder how many estate agents have had a similar conversation to this (along the lines of which I have had with a number of different people about a number of different properties over the years – the prices may vary but the reaction is often the same):

Caller: “Hello, can you tell me what the asking price of the house on ******* Avenue is, please? I saw your For Sale board this morning, and I’m very interested in that property”.

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. I think you’ll find, if you check again, that the board says “Sale Agreed”. I’m afraid the owners of that property have accepted an offer, subject to contract, and have agreed to take the house off the market”.

Caller: “Oh, no! What a shame. I’d really like to buy that house. Can you tell me how much it sold for? I think I’d like to make an offer, even if I can’t see it.”

Me: “No, I’m not at liberty to divulge that information. I can inform you, though, that the asking price was close to £500,000. I should add that there was a lot of interest and we received offers from several interested parties”.

Caller: “What? £500,000?! That’s ridiculous….”

Me; “Well, there’s quite a bit to do internally, so the price is lower to reflect that fact”.

Caller: “NO! I mean that’s way too much!”

Me: “With respect, the amount of interest that was shown in the property in the brief time it was on the market would seem to say otherwise. Of course, I appreciate you haven’t actually viewed the house but I can assure you that it was priced very sensibly”.

Caller: “But I can only go up to £180,000…”<