The Things People Say …. pt 2

A couple of years ago I showed a lady and her young daughter around a newly refurbished rental house.

Me: “So you would like to rent this property, then?”

Lady viewer: “Yes, very much, it suits our needs perfectly”.

Me: “Would it just be the two of you moving in?”

Lady viewer: “No. There’s also my husband, who is working away at the moment, and my son, who is at school”.

Me: “Sounds ideal! It is a three-bedroom house after all, so the four of you would fit in very nicely, I’m sure”.

Lady viewer: “Oh, and of course there’s our dog”.

Me: “Dog? Really? Oh dear. I wish you’d mentioned you have a dog when you made this appointment to view. The owners of this property are strictly against pets, particularly dogs, I’m afraid. Oh, what a shame”.

Lady viewer: “What have they got against dogs?”

Me: “I think you’ll find a lot of landlords are wary about allowing pets, for all sorts of reasons. They might be worried about the additional wear and tear on the property, or the risk of not being able to re-let the house once the tenancy finishes because the house has a doggy smell. Or they might even be allergic to dogs themselves. Whatever their reason, these landlords have said no to dogs. Sorry”

Lady viewer: “Well they’re bl**dy mad in that case. Bonkers! My dog is SO well-behaved. Good as gold. It’s this one (points at her daughter) who scribbles all over the walls in crayon and felt tip pens, not the dog!”<