Fab! New Properties For Sale … but not quite what I had in mind

We have, for some time, been crying out for more properties to sell. There’s a real shortage of available homes and we need more, more, more!

So you’d think we’d be delighted to have three properties all coming available within the space of 24 hours.

Well, you’d be wrong.

Why? Because these are three properties for which we have buyers, subject to contract, but which, for different reasons, we are having to make re-available.

Property 1. Our buyers tried to renegotiate the price after the survey was done. Fair enough, you might think, except we discussed all the things the surveyor highlighted when they first viewed the house. In fact, I pointed them out. Now they’re not sure if they want to buy a house that needs any work.  Perhaps looking at houses that are more than 100 years old is not the way to go.

Property 2. A trust was buying the property, and still wants to. Except they can’t at the moment, because one of the trustees has fallen out with the other three and won’t sign anything (they need all four signatures). Their solicitor assures us that they will be able resolve the problem. But it might take days. Or weeks. Actually it might take months … did I think our vendor would wait? Er, no.

Property 3. Our buyer, an elderly lady, has lost her buyer who claims that burglars frequent her back garden! Our buyer has never noticed any burglars loitering in her garden (and her house has never been broken into). She saw a hedgehog once, but it wasn’t wearing a stripey jumper. Nor a black mask. And it definitely wasn’t carrying a bag marked “SWAG” over its shoulder.<